Get Relief From Stress Using The Kliky Magnetic Balls

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Most of you might have come across different geek toys in the market. The major function of geek toys is to give exercises to your brain and keep it active. There are also geek toys that help in the relaxation of your mind and one simple example is Klikyballs.

Klikyballs package include 216 powerful magnetic balls. The magnetic attraction of these balls will help you to form different shapes and sizes. By using Klikyballs, you can spend your time with a relaxed mind, free of stress. The manufacturer offers six different colors, which are black, gold, red, blue, silver and green. Therefore, by purchasing more packages in different colors, you can make your design more attractive and catchy.

Once you make a shape with Klikyballs, you can easily dismantle it and thus start making a new shape. By indulging in the creation of new shapes and designs, you will soon forget the worries and tensions in your mind. One of the disadvantages related to other geek toys in the market is that you will soon get bored with them as they do not have anything different to offer. That is, once you find the solution and understand how to work with the toy, you will soon start to lose interest in it. However, when you consider Klikyballs, this boredom is not felt, as you can always try to craft a new design.

Magnetic Balls

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Klikyballs offer lot of fun for all age groups. However, you should keep it away from the reach of children since they might swallow them and it could lead to serious troubles. The manufacturer offers you sixty days warranty against all types of damages to the balls. If you receive Klikyballs in dented, chipped or damaged form, you may write to the customer care of the manufacturer and they would replace the damaged Klikyballs with new ones.

Each set of Klikyballs come at an unbelievably affordable price. However, by purchasing two or more sets together, you can save a lot of money by availing the discount offers from the manufacturer. So, if you are in search of a stress relieving formula, order Klikyballs today, which are considered the best geek toys for stress relief.

Keep in mind that these geek toys are available only online. Therefore, if you wish to order Klikyballs, go to the official website of the manufacturer and order your set.

Articulating With Bucky Balls Magnets

Science Toys

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It is surprising the number of people who have no concept of what Bucky balls are, considering that these are hugely popular around the globe as science toys. They derive the name from fullerene molecules, also known as “Buckminsterfullerene”. Fullerene molecules are carbon allotropes and they exist in shapes of hollow sphere, ellipsoid, and tube. Magnets that compose Bucky ball science toys describe the carbon atoms in a fullerene molecule.

Bucky balls science toys find applications in chemical, electronic, and technological areas. They have been useful in numerous studies employing nanotechnology, and helped in the discovery of even more carbon allotropes. Besides being science toys, Bucky balls have also played the role of precursor to a cool desktop toy.

The amazing KlikyBalls

KlikyBalls consist of a set of 216 identical, spherical Bucky ball magnets, which can be arranged in multiple ways to form different shapes. The activity of reconfiguring KlikyBalls has been proven stress relieving, especially in office environments. Ever mashing them in you palm can work wonders on the nerves.

Bucky balls science toys have certain flexibility to their design, which is wholly replicated by the KlikyBalls desk set. When it comes to delivering desktop fun, few things can hold their own with KlikyBalls. You can make hundreds of different 3D shape combinations based on the shapes you learnt in school, like those in Geometry or Organic Chemistry. In fact, teachers commonly use it to assist in students’ learning of these subjects.

What exactly are KlikyBalls

Form Different Shapes

                 KlikyBalls Magnetic Toys

KlikyBalls are magnetic spheres that cling to each other, just as other magnets do. The neodymium magnet these spheres are made of ensures the magnetic pull remains for a long while. Additionally, these spheres are seamless, which also means they are actually magnets, and do not contain them.

The only thing to remember is that KlikyBalls should be kept away from children, just as most other science toys are. This is because the small size of the magnets makes them a swallow hazard. Other than that, there is almost nothing you can’t do with this wonder set. You can make shapes and display them on your mantelpiece, stick notes on the fridge, or knead the set in your palm for a wonderful de-stressing sensation.

KlikyBalls is available at a price of $22.99 plus $5.95 for shipping & handling. Buy two sets and the shipping is free. There are alternate colors to choose from as well – GOLD, BLACK or SILVER. So order now!

Magnetic Geek Toys- Klikyballs!

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A kid is much excited about getting toys when his or her birthday is round the corner. They expect many gifts from parents and other people who attend the birthday party. As parents, you would make sure that your kid likes the birthday party and the cake. Along with that, you also make sure to get a toy that not only is fun to play with but also useful to build the child’s character, improve concentration power and excel well everywhere. Here is one of the best geek toys that are available in the market that can make a great birthday present, called the buckeye balls.

The buckeye balls are the best toy to gift your teenager child, since the geek toys are designed in such a way that it can benefit the teenagers better. They can use these toys to make a great deal of shapes and structures, which is a great pastime. You can pile up these magnetic balls in a pattern to make shapes like cubes, pyramids, hexagon, pentagon etc.

The buckeye balls are made of magnetic rare earth metal. This is the reason why the buckeye balls posses the properties of a magnet. One of the sides of the buckeye balls attract while the other side repels. This makes these magnetic geek toys more interesting to play with. The geek toys have the property of stimulating both the sides of the brain simultaneously. The right hemisphere is responsible for logical reasoning and recognizing colors while the left hemisphere has a control over the right movement in the muscles.

Magnetic Spheres

                   Buckyballs As Geek Toys

The geek toys are named so because they also help in learning math, geometry and chemical structures. It would be the best idea to use these toys to learn the concepts of math and geometry. The kid would get a better idea about chemical structures and reactions if illustrated with these geek toys. The best thing is that they come in different colors.


The Klikyballs are a type of buckeye balls that is available in different colors of magnetic spheres. They possess the properties of a magnet and hence are great toys to play with and make various shapes. Klikyballs are similar to Lego toys that help in building structures. Since they are made of neodymium magnets, they would not break and instead last for a long time. One set of Klikyballs consists of 216 magnetic balls.

Eliminate Stress With The Compact Magnetic Spheres


               Rare Earth Magnets

Stress and job pressure is something that we all face on a daily basis. This is the reason why we require an effective and instant stress reliever to relish our stress-filled minds. The desktop toy made of unique earth magnets comes to our aid when it comes to effective stress relief. The cute and compact spheres built of magnets are indeed ideal to enjoy quality leisure time without disturbing the office atmosphere and your office mates. We can crush and twist the compact magnets to make numerous interesting patterns. The below mentioned facets will give you a better idea about the unique stress buster toy made of magnets.

Rare earth magnets

The strong and unique magnets are naturally created with the alloys of rare earth elements. It is interesting to know that the strong magnets were actually created back in the eighties. These magnetic spheres are in fact stronger than ferrite and alnico magnets. One of the most popular magnetic toys available in the stores is known as KlikyBalls. The major advantage of playing with KlikyBalls is that you can enhance your cognitive capabilities. This in turn will keep you engaged and stress or work pressure cannot affect you at any cost.

At the end of every pattern you create, there will be an amusing and a completely new design that you can see. This actually will provide unlimited fun. Both your right and left hemispheres of the brain will get stimulated and as a result, you can improve your concentration, reasoning skills and analytical capabilities.


Alnico Magnets

                 Compact Magnets

Are you in search of an instant and cost effective stress reliever toy? Then KlikyBalls can certainly be one of the best choices for you. You can forget about tensions or worries when KlikyBalls are at you service. It is not surprising that a vast majority of busy office executives play with KlikyBalls during their stress filled office hours. KlikyBalls come in a wide range of attractive colors and you can use this desktop toy to decorate your office desk and walls. Is your friend’s birthday somewhere around the corner? Then a pack of KlikyBalls will obviously be a perfect gift for him or her.

As per genuine medical reports, magnetic toys do have a unique healing property when brought in close contact with our bodies. In this context, we can see that KlikyBalls are the best desktop toys that enable us to elevate stress quickly and get us back into our cheerful spirit.

Buckyballs Are Great Toys To Play And Learn At The Same Time



Magnetix are magnetic toys that are great fun to play with. It is the best toy to present as a birthday gift to a teenager kid. They are not only great toys but also considered as a tool that aids a lot with learning. Buckyballs are magnetix that consist of a number of magnetic balls in a pack. These balls are made of powerful rare earth magnets that are able to stick together to make versatile shapes.

It is the best toy to kill boredom, since it uplifts the mood the moment you set your fingers on it. You would require a user manual to get to know how to play with them. Once you start connecting the magnetix to make shapes, your imagination and creativity would go boundless. This would also help in improving concentration power and helps you keep calm and composed.

When you let your child play with the magnetix, let him or her play under your supervision. Help your child create different shapes and structures. You can start with basic designs like spheres, rectangles etc. and then move on to teach your kid to make complex designs. You will be able to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures with the help of these magnetic balls. It would be great if the magnetix are used to display geometrical shapes as and when the concept is taught theoretically. This would give the child a better idea than looking at a two dimensional picture in the textbooks.


Klikyballs are great magnetix that are a favorite among the adults as a pastime. As the toys possess magnetic properties, they have one side that can attract and the other side that can repel. They are great stress busters that have proven to keep a person cool in spite of all the stress and pressure he or she faces every day.

Magnetic Balls

                     Magnetix As A Stress Buster

A set of Klikyballs is one of the best desktoys that you can purchase and keep at your desk. Whenever you find some spare time in the office, call up all your colleagues and start making different shapes out of Klikyballs. This would eventually lead to a strong bonding among the team members that would eventually result in an increase in the team’s performance.

Klikyballs can come handy when you travel long distance, or while at the office or anywhere you get some time to relax. The set of Klikyballs is available at an affordable price. They come in various colors like red, green, gold, silver etc.

Educational Use Of Bucky Balls

Educational Use Of Bucky Balls Bucky Balls

               Bucky Ball Magnets

One of the most popularly used science toys or educational toys available on the market now are magnetic balls. Bucky balls are one of the most popular magnetic toys available in the market. Most of the magnetic balls in the market are now referenced to as bucky balls, as they have the structure of Buckminster fullerene shown by carbon molecules. These magnetic balls are made from neodymium magnets, so they do have a high force of attraction among them.

These ball magnets are more powerful than the normal desk magnets and fridge magnets that you usually get. Due the immense force of attraction, they are used to create different shapes and structures. Since you need to make use of your creativity for creating different structures using bucky balls, playing with these magnetic balls will help in boosting the brain and instills creativity. Due to their property to boost brain cells, they are popular among geeks. Some people make use of the magnetic balls for teaching children about geometry by creating shapes using them.

Some teachers demonstrate the features of magnetism to children using bucky balls. Like every magnet, bucky ball magnets have two poles each, a north pole and a south pole. When you bring the like poles together, they repel each other and when unlike poles are brought together, they’re attracted enough to stick to one another. Kids will never forget the properties of magnetism that they have learned by playing with bucky balls. The good thing about bucky balls is that they also provide fun to the kids as they can make different shapes and structures using them.

Get KlikyBalls

Magnetic Toys

                  Magnetic Bucky Balls

KlikyBalls are a type of bucky balls and are most popular magnetic toys that are available in the market now. A single set of KlikyBalls contains about 216 magnetic balls, so you can make many structures and shapes with them. Since they are made from high quality neodymium grade N35 metals, they do have high magnetism. They can be used to create science projects of your kids, as they are magnetic in nature. A single magnetic ball from KlikyBalls set can hold all the remaining 215 magnets.

If you are looking for a smart desk toy for your kid then stop waiting and order KlikyBalls from their website now, for amazing offers.

Use The Rare Earth Magnetic Toy To Eliminate Stress


                  Unique Set Of Magnets

Bucky balls are rare earth magnetic toys that are available in two distinctive sizes. One set of these unique and strong earth magnets comes with 125 magnetic spheres and the other one comes with 216 magnets. The facets mentioned below will tell you more regarding the benefits of the special set of spheres made of high quality magnets.

Unique set of magnets

You can see that a full size set of bucky balls comes with 216 magnets that come in executive editions as well as the original nickel editions. The executive editions of the special magnets are available in black and gold colors. The black edition of bucky balls features rare black nickel plating. On the other hand, the golden set of magnets is plated using real gold. One of the most striking aspects of these rare earth magnets is that you can use them to eliminate stress and enjoy your leisure times. Office hours can be quite frustrating for most of us. It is during such moments that we require an instant stress reliever to wipe away stress and enjoy quality times. In such scenarios, bucky balls prove to be the perfect desktop toy that can come handy.

You can use bucky balls to create several fascinating designs. The best part is that there will always be a unique design at the end of every pattern that you create. This will enable you to indulge in unlimited fun activities with this toy. Adding to this, regular usage of bucky balls will help enhance cognitive functions. Authentic studies have revealed that bucky balls will help increase concentration; improve analytical skills and reasoning capabilities. These factors can enable us to make our office hours more productive and more interesting. Nowadays, KlikyBalls are gaining more popularity among people. KlikyBalls are also magnetic desktop toys that are quite similar to bucky balls.

Stress Reliever

                  Strong Earth Magnets

Are you in search of a compact desktop toy that will eliminate stress and work pressure? Then it is time that you got your hands on a pack of KlikyBalls. KlikyBalls comes in several attractive colors. They are available in red, blue and rainbow colors. This is the reason why people use KlikyBalls to decorate their office desk and walls.

Get a set of KlikyBalls at the earliest. Forget about stress and office pressure while KlikyBalls is at your service. Make the most of your office hours with the help of the cute and compact KlikyBalls!

The Best Desktop Toy From Klikyballs

Strong Magnets

             Unique Strong Magnets

Job pressure is a common factor and many things can be done to tackle the same. Usually, we resort to watching a movie, listen to our favorite music tracks or simply go out with our friends. This however is not always practical, especially during busy office timings. You can simply turn on the music or watch a movie on your laptop or desktop. It can ruin the office atmosphere and create disturbance for others at the work place. The good news is that we do have a perfect solution to that. There are cute and compact strong magnets that are considered as the perfect desktop toys available these days. Read along to know more about the benefits of using strong magnets.

Unique strong magnets

The rare and strong magnets come in small spherical structures. You can make several interesting shapes with these magnets. The magnetic properties of the small spheres will enable you to easily detach and attach the desktop toy. You will be able to get instant stress relief while you play with the strong magnets. It is also believed that magnets have healing properties when they are brought into close contact with the human body. Therefore, you can see that it is always an added advantage to use the strong magnets during stressful moments. You will never get bored or tired while you use the strong magnets. This is because, at the end of every shape that you create, there will always be a new design. Therefore, the fun and enjoyment is certainly unlimited.

You can boost your creative abilities and imagination in a significant manner while you play with the magnets. The strong magnets come in a variety of colors. You can use them to decorate your office desk. The most popular set of the unique magnets are known as KlikyBalls.

Desktop Toys

                Compact Magnets


Are you looking for an instant stress buster to ward off office tensions? Then it is ideal to get a pack of the compact KlikyBalls at the earliest. Your reasoning abilities, analytical skills and concentration will improve once you start to use KlikyBalls. This will help you to enjoy your office hours and make them more productive. You will be able to accomplish all your tasks in an easier and faster manner.

What are you waiting for? Get a set of KlikyBalls at the earliest to eliminate stress and enjoy your leisure times!

Boost Your Cognitive Abilities With Magnetic Spheres


                Magnetic Buckyballs

Tensions and stress at workplace can make your office hours terrible. This is why people always require an instant stress buster to overcome such situations and excel in their work. The magnetic buckyballs are now becoming a rage among office going people. Read along to know more about the benefits of buckyballs.

Magnetic buckyballs

The buckyballs are known to provide sudden stress relief during frustrating office hours. You can also use buckyballs while you are stuck in traffic. The magnetic buckyballs can be used to create numerous designs. The fun never ends while you are playing with buckyballs. This is because there will always be an interesting design at the end of every shape you make with buckyballs. Another major advantage of playing with the magnetic balls is that you can enhance your cognitive activities in a significant way. Concentration, analytical skills and reasoning abilities will improve and this will help you to accomplish your daily tasks quickly and efficiently.

The magnetic balls come in dazzling colors and are a treat for the eyes. You can also get a pack of the compact magnetic spheres to gift your friends. They will be glad to get such a unique desktop toy that can be an instant stress reliever. These magnetic spheres are very helpful to study science without much difficulty. This is because you will be able to create several shapes of different chemical compounds. You can also use the cute magnetic balls to decorate your office walls and office desks.

One of the most popular magnetic toys that we have nowadays is KlikyBalls. The below mentioned facets will tell you more about the amazing stress buster toy.


Magnetic Toys

            Cute Buckyballs

One of the major advantages of KlikyBalls is that this desktop toy lasts much longer than other magnetic toys available in the stores. KlikyBalls are cute and sturdy magnetic spheres that can be twisted, crushed and molded into countless interesting designs. Get a pack of the cute KlikyBalls at the earliest. Hereafter, you do not have to be worried about work pressure. KlikyBalls will prove to be the best stress buster toy. You can enjoy your leisure times and have unlimited fun with these special magnetic spheres.

Office stress will not stand a chance against you when you use KlikyBalls. The one of a kind stress buster will make your office hours productive and more enjoyable!

How I Started Loving Klikyballs

Neodymium Magnet

                  Neodymium Magnetic Balls

I heard about buckyballs a few months ago when one of my colleagues mentioned about it during the leisure hours at the office. He wasn’t aware of the manifold features buckyballs had. So, he was only emphasizing on its ability to distract one from bothering thoughts and how it helped him completely focus on moulding shapes with these stress balls. Yet, I thought it was a good thing to have. I had been suffering severe distractions at the office. I couldn’t focus on the work and it was affecting my performance at the office. Thoughts about financial crisis and family issues often bothered me. So, I decided to get one set of buckyballs for myself.

The buckyballs set I bought was KlikyBalls. My colleague had suggested this to me saying it was made of pure neodymium magnet balls. Within a few minutes, I became much involved in moulding shapes and designs with KlikyBalls. They helped me forget the bothering thoughts I had. Soon, I realized that KlikyBalls were not just a thing to relieve stress but good entertainment for the family and a very good decorative thing. Lately, my wife has started moulding different designs with KlikyBalls and uses them to decorate our living room.

From my few months of experience with KlikyBalls, I can say for sure that they are the best brand of buckyballs. I have compared KlikyBalls with few other buckyballs brands and the obvious thing I figured out is that KlikyBalls are made of neodymium magnet balls while others are not.  The neodymium magnet properties ensure that KlikyBalls last for years without any damage or loss of features.

Why KlikyBalls is considered the best office desk toy?

Stress Balls

                 Neodymium Magnetic Spheres

KlikyBalls is certainly the best office desk toy. It can relieve employees from their stress and worries and help them focus on their work. Besides that, KlikyBalls are affordable and cheaper than most office desk toys.

Ensure a lifetime of fun with KlikyBalls

KlikyBalls are made of neodymium magnet balls. This ensures that they don’t wear out. The neodymium magnet is a rare-earth magnet. It lasts for years without losing its power of attraction or repulsion. On the other hand, most other magnets lose their power after a few years of use.

From my few months’ of experience of using KlikyBalls, I rate it to be excellent. If you are looking for an office toy or a gift for your child, the neodymium magnet made buckyballs named KlikyBalls is the best choice for you.