The Best Desktop Toy From Klikyballs

Strong Magnets

             Unique Strong Magnets

Job pressure is a common factor and many things can be done to tackle the same. Usually, we resort to watching a movie, listen to our favorite music tracks or simply go out with our friends. This however is not always practical, especially during busy office timings. You can simply turn on the music or watch a movie on your laptop or desktop. It can ruin the office atmosphere and create disturbance for others at the work place. The good news is that we do have a perfect solution to that. There are cute and compact strong magnets that are considered as the perfect desktop toys available these days. Read along to know more about the benefits of using strong magnets.

Unique strong magnets

The rare and strong magnets come in small spherical structures. You can make several interesting shapes with these magnets. The magnetic properties of the small spheres will enable you to easily detach and attach the desktop toy. You will be able to get instant stress relief while you play with the strong magnets. It is also believed that magnets have healing properties when they are brought into close contact with the human body. Therefore, you can see that it is always an added advantage to use the strong magnets during stressful moments. You will never get bored or tired while you use the strong magnets. This is because, at the end of every shape that you create, there will always be a new design. Therefore, the fun and enjoyment is certainly unlimited.

You can boost your creative abilities and imagination in a significant manner while you play with the magnets. The strong magnets come in a variety of colors. You can use them to decorate your office desk. The most popular set of the unique magnets are known as KlikyBalls.

Desktop Toys

                Compact Magnets


Are you looking for an instant stress buster to ward off office tensions? Then it is ideal to get a pack of the compact KlikyBalls at the earliest. Your reasoning abilities, analytical skills and concentration will improve once you start to use KlikyBalls. This will help you to enjoy your office hours and make them more productive. You will be able to accomplish all your tasks in an easier and faster manner.

What are you waiting for? Get a set of KlikyBalls at the earliest to eliminate stress and enjoy your leisure times!

Boost Your Cognitive Abilities With Magnetic Spheres


                Magnetic Buckyballs

Tensions and stress at workplace can make your office hours terrible. This is why people always require an instant stress buster to overcome such situations and excel in their work. The magnetic buckyballs are now becoming a rage among office going people. Read along to know more about the benefits of buckyballs.

Magnetic buckyballs

The buckyballs are known to provide sudden stress relief during frustrating office hours. You can also use buckyballs while you are stuck in traffic. The magnetic buckyballs can be used to create numerous designs. The fun never ends while you are playing with buckyballs. This is because there will always be an interesting design at the end of every shape you make with buckyballs. Another major advantage of playing with the magnetic balls is that you can enhance your cognitive activities in a significant way. Concentration, analytical skills and reasoning abilities will improve and this will help you to accomplish your daily tasks quickly and efficiently.

The magnetic balls come in dazzling colors and are a treat for the eyes. You can also get a pack of the compact magnetic spheres to gift your friends. They will be glad to get such a unique desktop toy that can be an instant stress reliever. These magnetic spheres are very helpful to study science without much difficulty. This is because you will be able to create several shapes of different chemical compounds. You can also use the cute magnetic balls to decorate your office walls and office desks.

One of the most popular magnetic toys that we have nowadays is KlikyBalls. The below mentioned facets will tell you more about the amazing stress buster toy.


Magnetic Toys

            Cute Buckyballs

One of the major advantages of KlikyBalls is that this desktop toy lasts much longer than other magnetic toys available in the stores. KlikyBalls are cute and sturdy magnetic spheres that can be twisted, crushed and molded into countless interesting designs. Get a pack of the cute KlikyBalls at the earliest. Hereafter, you do not have to be worried about work pressure. KlikyBalls will prove to be the best stress buster toy. You can enjoy your leisure times and have unlimited fun with these special magnetic spheres.

Office stress will not stand a chance against you when you use KlikyBalls. The one of a kind stress buster will make your office hours productive and more enjoyable!

How I Started Loving Klikyballs

Neodymium Magnet

                  Neodymium Magnetic Balls

I heard about buckyballs a few months ago when one of my colleagues mentioned about it during the leisure hours at the office. He wasn’t aware of the manifold features buckyballs had. So, he was only emphasizing on its ability to distract one from bothering thoughts and how it helped him completely focus on moulding shapes with these stress balls. Yet, I thought it was a good thing to have. I had been suffering severe distractions at the office. I couldn’t focus on the work and it was affecting my performance at the office. Thoughts about financial crisis and family issues often bothered me. So, I decided to get one set of buckyballs for myself.

The buckyballs set I bought was KlikyBalls. My colleague had suggested this to me saying it was made of pure neodymium magnet balls. Within a few minutes, I became much involved in moulding shapes and designs with KlikyBalls. They helped me forget the bothering thoughts I had. Soon, I realized that KlikyBalls were not just a thing to relieve stress but good entertainment for the family and a very good decorative thing. Lately, my wife has started moulding different designs with KlikyBalls and uses them to decorate our living room.

From my few months of experience with KlikyBalls, I can say for sure that they are the best brand of buckyballs. I have compared KlikyBalls with few other buckyballs brands and the obvious thing I figured out is that KlikyBalls are made of neodymium magnet balls while others are not.  The neodymium magnet properties ensure that KlikyBalls last for years without any damage or loss of features.

Why KlikyBalls is considered the best office desk toy?

Stress Balls

                 Neodymium Magnetic Spheres

KlikyBalls is certainly the best office desk toy. It can relieve employees from their stress and worries and help them focus on their work. Besides that, KlikyBalls are affordable and cheaper than most office desk toys.

Ensure a lifetime of fun with KlikyBalls

KlikyBalls are made of neodymium magnet balls. This ensures that they don’t wear out. The neodymium magnet is a rare-earth magnet. It lasts for years without losing its power of attraction or repulsion. On the other hand, most other magnets lose their power after a few years of use.

From my few months’ of experience of using KlikyBalls, I rate it to be excellent. If you are looking for an office toy or a gift for your child, the neodymium magnet made buckyballs named KlikyBalls is the best choice for you.

Long Lasting And Permanent Magnets Are Used In Buckyballs


        Magnetix Puzzles Are Fun To Play

Buckyballs are a type of magnetix that are used to relieve stress and tension. It is one of the best puzzle toys, which helps in stimulating brain and teasing its imaginative power. The puzzle toy or the magnetic balls give you boundless fun, that you forget the track of time and all those things happening around. Such is the obsession with the buckyballs. Unlike traditional magnetix toys, you can make various shapes such as triangles, pyramids, or spheres using the buckyballs. Each set of the magnetic balls consists of 216 balls, which can be used to create whatever construct you desire.

The magnetix toy, as the name suggest are made of rare-earth magnets and hence, possess the ability to stick together strongly. As a normal magnet, one side of the ball repels, while the other attracts. These strong magnets have the ability to withstand a lot of pressure, and can be used as paper holders and photo holders as well.

These toys are easy to play with, and as you start playing, you will be amazed how you make different structure from the small spheres. For your convenience, there are several videos available on the internet where you can learn how to make different shapes and structures out of these magnetix balls.

The buckyballs are also used as a desktoy to get some relief from pressure and stress due to routine tiring work. It would be great if you could spend some time with the colleagues playing with the magnetix balls. You can keep the magnetix toys at your office desk, so that you would be able to make shapes and structures during your spare time at the workplace.


     Magnetix Toys Help In Relieving Stress


The Klikyballs are a type of magnetix spheres that are used as puzzle toys. These magnetic spheres can stick to each other due to the magnetic characteristics they possess. Hence, you can create a number of shapes and structures and spend your leisure time effectively. You would never need an instruction manual to play with these magnetix toys, as they are quite easy to handle.

You would never find a better desktoy, as you can have tons of fun with the Klikyballs. They are one of the all time bestselling toys. These toys are only for adults and should be strictly kept out of the reach of children. Get your own pack of Klikyballs to do away with the tension and stress that you face due to the competitive world.

Let Adults Have Plenty Of Fun Using Magnetic Balls

Science Kit

                Purpose Of Science Kit

Fun is not restricted to kids alone. Everyone would love to have wonderful fun times in their lives. Adults most often stay busy with their work schedules even when they wish for some fun time, and they may not be able to find time in spite of their best efforts. It is quite essential to spare some time in order to refresh our mind and body. One such relaxation technique is to use a science kit toy like magnetic balls.

About magnetic balls

Magnetic balls are small spherical balls that are composed of rare earth magnets. These balls have two poles which are relative to the magnetic field. They are the North pole and the South pole. Naturally, one pole will attract and the other pole will repel. You can keep this fact in mind while using this science kit toy.

Using these magnetic balls, you can create numerous shapes and structures. It is quite easy and simple to enhance your creative skill using it. You may even develop new ideas while using these science kit balls. Adults undergo tremendous work pressure and other related stress and these could be alleviated using this science kit toy.

Office hours might be really hectic and it would be difficult to think about a way to refresh your minds. These science kit toys can really refresh your mind and you will definitely feel the difference after spending some time with magnetic balls. You need not follow any kind of instructions while using this science kit toy as you can design your own styles using the shiny spherical magnetic balls.


KlikyBalls are the best magnetic balls available today. They are smooth spherical magnetic balls that are made of rare earth magnets. These balls are the best way to entertain adults and they can offer tons of fun hours. Unlike toys for kids, these balls that are basically meant for adults, could even enhance their creative skills.

Relaxation Technique

                Using Science Kit

The balls can be used for creating several shapes like circles, squares, diamonds, spheres, cubes, cuboids and what not. Adults can even try to create different puzzles on their own. KlikyBalls are lifetime toys that you will never wish to part with. You can simply crush them, twist them or even remold them to transform them into other suitable shapes and structures if you wish.

Using magnetic balls can be considered as the best way to kill boredom. It is better to train your brain using these magnetic balls and enjoy watching the results of your own creativity. KlikyBalls cost only 29.99 dollars and they are turning quite popular these days.

KlikyBalls: Your Pocket Science Kit!

Science Kit

                        Science Toys

Effective study should involve the use of a science kit. Studying from textbooks alone does not qualify as learning. To internalize the concepts, you need to incorporate various types of study aides as well. The most popular science kit available in the market is bucky balls.

Bucky balls consist of a bunch of tiny magnetic balls. These balls aren’t just any magnets! The strongest industrially available, these balls employ rare earth neodymium alloy magnets. Many science experiments require magnets and this science kit fills the need perfectly. You can get better insights into electricity and magnetism using bucky balls!

Although initially released in the market as a desktop toy, people quickly found its uses as a science kit. Science major students found they could easily replicate complex molecular structures using these small magnets. Learning topics in science like organic chemistry and Molecular Physics can become a fun filled activity using this science kit.

Apart from as a science kit, you can use bucky balls as a stress toy. You can press, squeeze, mash or do whatever you want with these magnets. Bucky balls guarantee hours of fun and entertainment. These strong magnets make a unique audible sound when made to rub against each other. Next time you are pulling an all-nighter, keep your bucky balls within reach to keep you occupied.

Complex Molecular Structures

                     Science Aides

The best part of having a science kit is the multiple purposes it serves. You can use it to create interesting and unique patterns. Solely your imagination stands in the way of creating the design you want. If your creations are good enough, you can showcase them in various websites. The web also features challenges that you can solve. There is an entire bucky ball community that welcomes new comers and challenges them to increase their imagination.

Klikyballs are the best brand of bucky balls in the market. Most brands only sell a single color, whereas klikyballs is available in six different colors (gold, black, green, red, blue and silver). Using these colors, you can bring your science models to life.

Klikyballs does not come with a manual. The way you use it depends on your imagination and creativity. These toys are meant for use by adults only. Since klikyballs have small parts, they are a swallow hazard, and should not be kept in a place accessible to children or even pets.

You can get a pack of 216 magnets at a price of just $29.99. After purchase, if you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return it to get your money back!

The Multifaceted Benefits Of Magnetic Toys

Science Kit

  Magnetic Properties Of Science Kit

College going students find the science kit very useful, as it enables them to enjoy their study hours. The science kit comprises of compact magnetic spheres. Every magnetic sphere has two poles. There is one pole that attracts and the other one that repels. It is due to the magnetic properties of the science kit that we are able to detach and attach the magnetic spheres to create shapes of chemical compounds and aerodynamic designs. This makes it very easy to understand theory classes with the miniature models we create. A science kit is nothing short of a great magnetic toy that makes our studies very exciting. Read along to know more about the benefits of playing with the unique set of magnetic toys.

Magnetic set of spheres

One of the main advantages of using a science kit is that we can eliminate stress while learning complex theories in physics and chemistry. We will be able to sharpen our cognitive abilities as we use the science kit. The mind will always stay busy and focused. This will certainly increase our analytical skills and enhance concentration. The brain muscles are constantly stimulated and we will be able to grasp scientific definitions and theories without much difficulty. Creativity and imagination will know no limits and study times can literally be more fun. The magnetic spheres are also very useful to create geometrical shapes.

It is believed that magnets have healing properties when they are in close contact with the human body. Therefore, it is an added advantage to use the kit of magnetic spheres. It is found that students who make use of the magnetic spheres score good grades in their exams. Students should in fact be encouraged to use the science kit. The teachers will also be happy to watch their students do well in their exams.

Magnetic Toy

         Benefits Of Using Science Kit


You can see that there is a striking similarity between Klikyballs and a science kit.  It is because Klikyballs are also cute and compact magnetic spheres. The only difference is that Klikyballs are considered as the best desktop toys that help eliminate stress and work pressure at office. This is the reason why Klikyballs are mostly used by employees and busy executives to enjoy their leisure time. They can create countless and amusing designs with the unique set of magnetic balls. Office tensions will not affect a person when their mind is totally busy and occupied.

Are you worried about stress and are in search of an instant stress reliever? Then a pack of Klikyballs will prove to be one of the best options.

How BuckyBalls Works As A Stress Relieving Toy?


             Magnetic BuckyBalls

One of the main problems that most of the people in this era face is stress at work. Since the tension in the work might lead to a lot of emotional imbalances, you need to make sure that the tension or stress at work is kept aside and fixed from its roots. One of the best things that anyone can do for getting free from stress at work is to play a game or fiddle with something for a little time to vent out the frustrations. BuckyBalls acts as one of the best solutions that anyone can get for venting out their frustrations.

If you are not familiar with BuckyBalls, they are nothing but small magnetic balls that attach to one another when the unlike poles are brought together and repel when the like poles are brought together. In short, you could say that they are nothing but magnets that are spherical in shape. For getting free off your stress at work, you can just take a few BuckyBalls and fiddle with them in your palm until you feel relaxed or else you can make any shapes or structures by attaching these balls together.

BuckyBalls can be used to make any shapes or structures by attaching one ball over the other. However, you need to be careful while building structures as trying to stick a magnetic ball with the wrong pole will lead to the complete destruction of the structure. Even though BuckyBalls may seem small, they have high force of magnetic attraction so they clung to each other strongly. Since you need to use your creativity and imagination for building structures using BuckyBalls, the brain will become active and more creative thoughts will flow through your brains and geeks love them for this fact.

Magnetic Balls

            Get BuckyBalls

Get Kliky Balls, The Wonder Magnetic Toy

Kliky balls are small magnetic spheres that stick to one another so that the user will be able to create any number of shapes. They are one of the most popular BuckyBalls that are available in the market. A single set of Kliky balls contains about 216 magnetic balls. Since they are made from neodymium magnets, they have high magnetic force of attraction and a single Kliky ball has the power to hold all the remaining 216 ball magnets.

If you are looking for a toy that would provide you fun and would boost your creativity at the same time, go try Kliky balls today.

Educational Uses Of Buckyballs

Magnetic balls

                             216 magnetic balls

Buckyballs are magnetic balls that are made from powerful and strong neodymium magnets that are of grade N35. By the standards set by ISI, neodymium N35 grade magnets are one of the strongest forms of magnets available. They are much stronger than the magnets that we use in classes for education purposes or to stick on to fridges and stick important notes. A single set of the magnetic balls from Bucky balls contains about 216 magnetic balls so that you can use them for making shapes and structures that are of any size or shape.

The best thing about Bucky balls is that they can be used for molding any structures. Many teachers make use of the magnetic balls to illustrate the concepts of magnetism to their students. Bucky balls have a strong magnetic force of attraction so that you can easily teach the students laws of physics like force of attraction and repulsion. Like all magnets, Bucky balls too have two poles, a north pole and a south pole. The balls attract each other when two unlike poles are brought together and repel when two same poles are brought together. This is the basic principle of magnetism and it can be effectively taught to the children by showing it to them practically using Buckyballs.

Since the magnetic balls can be used for creating any number of shapes and structures, many elementary schools use them for teaching geometry to kids. The best thing about Bucky balls is that they make study seem like play and the kids will have fun while working with the Bucky balls. Since kids can make any shapes or structures with these wonder balls, it will improve the creativity in their brains. Due to significant boost these toys provide to the brains of kids, these magnetic balls are often known by the name geek toys.

geek toys

                              Get magnetic balls

Kliky Balls Explained

Kliky balls are smooth magnetic balls that have high strength of magnetism in them. As like any magnet, Kliky balls too have two poles, so that they can be stuck together only on one side as the other side repels. The best thing about Kliky balls is their magnetic strength; it is found that a single Kliky ball can hold the remaining 215 balls in the set with its magnetic force of attraction. The balls are available in three colors, black, gold and silver and these colors do not fade over time, which is the best feature.

If you are looking for a toy to gift your kid that will provide fun and education at the same time, buy Kliky balls today! Order now!

Klikyballs- The Only Science Toy Worth Its Salt

science toys

                             Science toys for kids

Imagine playing with a toy that not only provides hours of unlimited fun but also helps develop your brain in the process! A toy that can both alleviate your stress and double as a challenging puzzle you cannot put down. The only product that matches this description is Klikyballs!

Originally marketed as a desktop toy, people found multiple uses for these boxed set of neodymium magnetic spheres. Neodymium is a rare earth metal that is used to make the strongest industrially available magnets. These science toys consists a bunch of minute chrome plated magnetic balls. They attract to each other and can be attached to each other to form various interesting shapes, intricate designs and patterns, and that too according to the user’s wish.

It became a sensation among the geeky adult generation who instantly found multiple uses of these science toys. Science major students use these science toys to replicate atomic and chemical structures. It enables them to get a deeper understanding of the subject, something you cannot get reading the textbook alone. Simply mashing them with your palms can bring instant relief from stress and relieve boredom.

Playing with these science toys involves both your brain and your fingers. When making structures, only your own imagination limits you and regular use of Klikyballs helps expand it. New neuron connections are formed which increases your creativity, spatial perception and imagination. This hidden benefit of using Klikyballs makes it the best among science toys you can play with, when you are taking a break from work.

Do note- these science toys are for use by adults alone! These toys consist of very small magnets that can be swallowed by children. Swallowing an industry strength magnet will completely wreck your system. Keep these toys away from the reach of children and pets.

spatial perception

                  Science toys made of magnets

Klikyballs are undisputedly the best brand of science toys out in the market. You can avail a pack of 216 balls at a price of just $29.99. These shiny metallic balls come in red, green and blue apart from the regular colors. For a mere $5 more, you can avail the special edition pack, which is available in black, silver and gold colors. Klikyballs are sturdier than other products out in the market.

If you are dissatisfied with the product, you can even choose to return the product and receive your cash back (minus the delivery charges). Once you buy them, its assured that you simply will not be able to put them down!